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De Matting Policy

Every now and then we may be presented with a completely, full bodied matted pelted coat on a dog. We will not De-mat in these cases. In accordance to the animal welfare act 2016 this would unnecessarily cause further discomfort to your dog.

You will be told prior to the groom commencing that our only option is to completely clip off the coat and start again, you will be asked to sign a clip off consent form to that fact.

Late Cancellation policy

If you do have to cancel your appointment please give us at least 48 hrs notice. Otherwise we will charge a 50% of the appointment fee and may charge the full amount if we cannot fill that appointment.

Late Collection policy

Please drop off and collect your pet promptly we do not have space to look after your dog when their groom has finished. We may charge a fee for “pet sitting” your dog if you are more than twenty minutes late after the agreed time for your collection. We will charge £5 for every half an hour you are late for your collection.

 Shhh….Fleas…no one likes them.

Please, please let us know if you think your dog may have fleas as we need to take quick decisive action to eliminate them with a flea bath before they have chance to reek havoc on the rest of our day. If we find fleas on your dog they will be automatically flea bathed and a charge of £10 will be added to your groom and they will need to be treated when you get home. Seek Vet advice.

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